Dungeons of Clay (Digital)



Explore the ever-changing dungeons in the surreal world made of clay. Unlock the hidden secrets, overcome the dangers, defeat dreadful creatures and reap the treasures to acquire almighty power. Dont forget to bring your patience, because you will have to merge all your talents and skills if youre ever going to reach the depths of the dungeon.Ever changingProcedurally generated dungeons, tons of items and guns, dynamic threats, unique skills and randomized path stops will guarantee that no playthrough is the same. Dungeons of Clay is built on the idea of permadeath and challenge, but ensuring to maintain the fun with permanent unlockables and progress that rewards your time and increases your chances with each death.Path stopsOn your way to the end of the dungeon youll come across several path stops. Each providing you with unique benefits and opportunities, however they are all locked behind the doors. The creatures that you defeat can carry the keys needed to unlock these doors, but youll have to weigh the odds yourself to end up in the right place at the right time.Key features Surreal world of clay: Explore beautiful, yet dangerous dungeons where everything is made of clay, from the walls and the rocks to enemies eyes and guts.Randomization: No playthrough is the same with the help of procedural generation and maximum randomization.Loyal companions: Ready to fight by your side.Permadeath with progression: Permanent unlockables are here to reward your time and effort.Tons of items and guns: Over 70 different items to collect and 20 guns to choose from.999,999 Procedurally generated endings.


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