Hood Outlaws & Legends (Xbox Series Key)



Hood: Outlaws & Legends is an action/adventure TPP game created by Sumo Digital and Focus Home Interactive. The game is designed especially for multiplayer gameplay, where players compete with other thieves during action-packed heists on castles and mansions guarded by ruthless soldiers. Outlaws & Legends features a dark and heavy atmosphere which together with a decent dose of brutality delivers an amazing experience for more mature players. It is worth mentioning that the game will be regularly updated and enriched with additional content like new game modes, maps, weapons, etc.Story BackgroundThe action of the game takes place in dark, medieval times. While rich and powerful people live their careless lives within the walls of huge castles and mansions, the poor suffer from hunger, illnesses, and various violations from their oppressors. In this brutal world, the player steps into the role of one of the outlaws, gathering other people of your kind, to rob the rich and give to the poor, just like the legendary Robin Hood and his crew of outcasts.GameplayHood: Outlaws & Legends is a TPP multiplayer team-based game that combines features of different genres such as RPG, and action. The game is offering PvPvE gameplay, meaning that besides fighting versus other players, both groups must also fight with the AI-controlled environment. Computer enemies are smart, relentless, and armed to the teeth, very often being as deadly as the characters controlled by the players. The main goal of the gameplay is to rob a certain place and escape – without being killed by the other group of bandits, or the guards scattered all over the location.In Hood: Outlaws & Legends players will visit several different closed, and opened locations, including some areas of medieval cities. The gameplay focuses on teamwork and cooperation – before we will start the heist it is important to compose our team properly, to maximize the chances of success. A diversified team will be prepared for more types of obstacles and problems during the heists, putting them in a better position in comparison to a poorly-composed crew.The game features a variety of different characters, each with unique traits, abilities, and roles they play in the team. With the riches taken from successful heists, we can change the appearance of our Outlaws and upgrade their abilities unlocking access to more useful and powerful skills. Whats important, the game gives players total freedom – they can freely decide what tactics will be the best in a given situation will it be an open assault, or a more stealthy approach, without giving the guards any opportunity to react.Key featuresExperience the dangerous life of medieval OutlawsPlan and perform reckless heists on well-guarded castles and mansionsCompete with other groups of thievesFreedom of actions – decide what approach will work best in certain situationsImmerse into the dark and brutal atmosphere of medieval times

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