Ravensburger tiptoi Kunterbuntes Tanz-Theater 00073 (wersja niemiecka)



Join the colourful dance theatre and become active. If the dance cloth continues, let the arms circles, shake the whole body and bend on both sides. Music makes exercise fun.The movement game for little dancers: in the childs play of colourful dance theatre, movements are combined into an individual dance. Alone or together, the body feeling and motor skills are strengthened.Thanks to the tiptoi speaker, all announcements in the game are clearly understood while you move around the room. The tiptoi pen stands in the speaker so that your hands are free while dancing. Nobody stays calm at the table.Includes the tiptoi speaker and a dance cloth. With 15 movement cards and 3 different music styles, each dance is reassembled. 3 dream journeys invite you to relax. Tiptoi pen not included, must be purchased separately


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