Steel Division 2 – Black Sunday (Digital)



Transporting the player to the southern battlefields of Romania, Steel Division 2 – Black Sunday is the third expansion of the popular World War 2 RTS set on the Eastern Front. The Steel Division 2 – Black Sunday History DLC greatly expands a player’s experience and arsenal with two (!) complete Army General strategic campaigns, 6 meticulously researched playable Divisions including 3 Axis Romanian formations, 150 new units, 2 new Aces, 15 new Camouflage Skins, and much more.StoryLate August 1944 and the Red Army is poised to invade Romania and knock out the wavering Axis ally with a massive two-pronged strategic offensive. Arranged in front of the Soviets, depleted Romanian and German formations hold the frontier. Will they crumble, echoing real life during that hot, chaotic summer, or will they throw up a stalwart defense and change the course of history?Key FeaturesExperience the Jassy-Kichinev offensive into Axis Romania during World War 2 with two brand-new Army General strategic campaignsCustomize your own battlegroup with 6 new DivisionsControl a host of new soldiers on the battlefieldCommand over 150 new unitsDeploy 2 new Aces: the daredevil Romanian tank buster ace Lazar Munteanu, and the long-serving Konstantin Dmitrievich Denisov


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