The Crew 2 Deluxe Edition (Xbox One Key)



The Crew 2 Deluxe Edition features the Motorsports Deluxe Pack, which includes:FORD F-150 RAPTOR RACE TRUCK 2017ABARTH 500 2008 MONSTER TRUCK EDITIONPILATUS PC-21Three outfits to customize your avatarTake to the roads, to the skies, and to the sea in The Crew 2, a sequel to a unique racing game from 2014. Improving in every respect over its predecessor The Crew 2 gives you access to an astonishing number of vehicles of all kinds, including, for the first time, planes and boats.Are you going to prove that you are the fastest on land, water, and in the air? Ivory Towers production will put that claim to the test.Massive open worldThe Crew 2 lets you realise your dreams of travelling across America without having to leave your gaming chair. The map is a creatively compressed map of the entire continental United States, featuring major cities like the New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles and swathes of land between them, the forests, the Rockies, the Grand Canyon.Travel the huge regions at your leisure using any of the available vehicles, or use a handy fast travel option to instantly appear exactly where you wanted to be, whether it is a city, landmark, or just a remote place you decided to check out for some reason.Land, air, water vehicles of The Crew 2The Crew 2 expands on the first games offer. Now the massive gallery of vehicles you can control in the game doesnt end with cars and motorcycles. The Crew 2 supplements the player options with a selection of planes and boats.Even better: you can switch between them on the fly. When you get tired of riding along the roads, seamlessly switch from a car into a plane and take off into the skies. And then drop from the air as a boat and slam into the water below you without losing speed.Imagine the possibilities.Diverse race sequencesThe Crew 2 races arent limiting themselves to just one type of vehicle. Many of them are a triathlon only a master of all three will be able to complete in good time.The same vehicle-shifting ability you have in free roam is a feature of challenges youll need to face on your way to becoming the best driver/pilot of all the different race types offered by multiple HQs.Each change of event is rewarded with a stunning transitions bending the world in front of you.Multiple race categoriesThe Crew 2 features multiple separate racing HQs where youll be able to gain street cred and progress to the very top of their rankings. The Spot is the place to go for top-tier street racing. In The Pit youll have a taste of pro racing if zooming on the streets doesnt appeal to you. Lovers of testing the traction on their machines are sure to enjoy the Offroad events offered at the Base Camp, while The Barn is something for the enthusiasts of Freestyle.Key featuresThe Crew 2 unlike its immediate predecessor doesnt stay firmly on the ground, but takes to the skies and out into the seas and rivers of the massive map showcasing the iconic regions of the United States of America.Drive cars, pilot planes, street boats, and prove that youre the fastest regardless of where you race.The Crew 2 featuresMassive open world – travel freely across the abridged version of the entire continental USA, and see some of the most memorable landmarks without even having to leave your homeLand, air, and water – in The Crew 2 you arent limited to just driving around. Now you can change between cars, planes, and boats on the fly without losing speedMany different events – whether you prefer street racing, off-road tracks, closed circuits of freestyle, youll always find something for you hereDynamically changing races – events will require from your ability to handle all types of vehicles if you want to raise to the topExpand your collection of vehicles – discover and work for new cars, motorcycles, planes and boats as you climb the rankings of the racing HQs


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