Winning Moves Top Trumps The Wonders of the World (wersja angielska)


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From grand canyons to wild waterfalls, weve scoured the globe to bring you Wonders of the World Top Trumps! Thirty of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring sights that Planet Earth has to offer, including the worlds most dangerous volcano (hot stuff), a gigantic South American glacier (pretty cool), and the only living thing visible from space (clue: its not a sumo wrestler). This pack also features our Treasure Hunt bonus game – answer the questions on the cards and decipher the code. Do you know the name of the worlds highest mountain? We do, we climbed it and left a few packs of Top Trumps at the top for the next adventurers to find. How about its hottest desert? We slapped on the suncream and spent a few weeks there, just to make sure. The best place to spot the Northern Lights? We can now reveal that its not Blackpool. How far to the moon? Our supersonic tape measure came in handy for that one. The worlds a pretty awesome place, so what are you waiting for – grab this pack now and start wowing your mates with your mind-blowing Top Trumps knowledge.


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