Geometry Dash (Digital)



Geometry Dash is an arcade, rhythm-based game created by Sweden developer Robert Topala, the owner of RobTop Games. The original game features 21 original levels, however, thanks to a game creation system there are over 50 million online levels created by the community and the number is constantly growing.Addictive GameplayDuring the gameplay, players have to control various geometrical ‘vehicles’ and jump over approaching obstacles. What is important, the player cannot control the speed. The rhythm and timing is the most crucial part of the game because each time we bump into an obstacle, we must start from the beginning of the level. The game features 21 official levels from which 18 are unlocked from the start. To unlock the remaining 3 secret levels we must find and collect secret coins. There are 3 coins in each official level of the game.The feature which makes the game so popular and alive is a game creation system. Thanks to that tool, every player can play on levels created by other users or create their own and share it with others. Before uploading a level, the player must complete it and collect all the coins in normal mode to make sure that it is possible to fully complete it.ReceptionDespite the incredibly simple design and mechanics, Geometry Dash PC received extremely positive reviews. According to the Steam platform, over 95% of the players’ reviews are positive. According to AppAdvice: ‘Geometry Dash is a fast-paced platformer that will leave you screaming in frustration, but you’ll keep coming back for more.’ The multitude of positive reviews proves that this simple, rhythmical game will provide tons of fun and satisfaction to every arcade games fan.Key featuresThe ultimate test of your rhythm, reflex, and patienceOver 50 million online levels created by other playersUnique music backgroundThe plethora of achievements and rewardsA game creation system allowing to create your own, unique levels

RobTop Games

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