CarX Drift Racing Online (Digital)



The art of racing is not all about speed. Sometimes effective drifting is also important! Find out about it and try Carx Drift Racing Online!This is a game that will grab you instantly and wont let you go for hours. The Russian studio CarX Technologies has produced an excellent online simulator of a racing game in which we can race with friends.As in most racing games, the gameplay here also boils down to overcoming routes, varied in many angles, such as terrain, landscapes visible to the driver, or the level of difficulty of driving them. What distinguishes Carx is an additional idea – not only the place at the finish line and the time of overcoming it are important, but a lot of emphasis is also placed on making spectacular drifts and turns. Thanks to them, we will gain additional points, which are then converted into the game currency.The necessary variety of available vehicles has also been not forgotten, which significantly diversifies the game. Thanks to the currency of the game, we will be able to unlock new models, characterized by high originality – we will find there strictly sports models, as well as a pickup truck. The available vehicles can be modified to give them a unique look and obtain the desired visual effect – players can change the color of the cars body or rims.It is very often emphasized that Carx is a unique racing game because the authors put a lot of emphasis on the realistic behavior of the car. If we are just starting our adventure with this excellent drifting simulator, we can start from the lowest level, thanks to which we have the opportunity to take advantage of facilities such as power steering. Once we have gained some practice, we will be able to go deeper and manipulate the parameters of our vehicles, such as grip, or choose different control models. Whether we want to use a gyroscope, or we want virtual buttons responsible for gas, brake, and other important components of the car – the choice is ours.Car-x is a real gem among all car games. This online game will allow you to experience the real fun of racing! Get caught up in real, realistic multiplayer races that will show you once and for all what it means to take part in the drift race!Key features:The thrilling world of drifting at its best.Opportunity to challenge your friends in a unique race.Diversified routes with varying degrees of complexity.Lots of cars to sit behind the wheel and whose looks you can match.Perfectly devoted to the realism of car control – both during racing and drifting!

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