Noita (Digital)



Noita is a rougelite action-adventure game that stands out thanks to the realistic simulation of each individual pixel. Everything that is not a background can be interacted with and burned, frozen, melted, evaporated and more. Players and critics praise the game for the freedom and spontaneousness this system creates. Not many games give the player the opportunity to be electrocuted in the pool of their own vomit..SettingNoita is a solely single-player experience. You’re a sorceress/sorcerer that descends into the underground in search of wealth and power. Simple as that. There is no story or quests. Just pure and simple exploration. But it doesn’t mean it’s safe or unexciting. Along the way, as you navigate through the darkness you’ll encounter many enemies including mythological creatures as well ad deadly traps. Stay on your toes as death is final and permanent.GameplayThe core of Noitas gameplay is wands and spells you can equip. They play both the role of your attacks as well as utility tools. Spells have a wide variety of effects on enemies and environments that will let you experiment and discover all kinds of combinations. But you must remember that you are not immune to your own mayhem. One wrong spell at the wrong time can cause your untimely demise.Each level in Noita is procedurally generated so you will never know what to expect no matter how many times you restart your run. As you progress through many distinct and beautifully generated levels you acquire new buffs and powers as well as gold that you can spend on further upgrades and new magical wands. But remember to use new powers carefully unless you want to collapse that pool of acid atop your head.Key featuresTough and unforgiving rougelite experienceBeautiful, procedurally generated worldMany distinct and interesting biomesEvery pixel is simulated and can be interacted withTons of spells with a variety of different effects


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