Gra planszowa Winning Moves Monopoly James Bond (wersja angielska)



The names MONOPOLY. MR MONOPOLY. Licence to trade. If youve ever thought youd fit in at MI6, know your way around a casino, and like your Chance cards shuffled, not stirred, then you need to request a copy of James Bond MONOPOLY from your nearest Q Branch posthaste. Every space on the board pays homage to a classic Bond film, vehicle or character, from Thunderball to Skyfall, Q and M, with movie stills to bring gameplay to life. Build safe houses and headquarters to boost your income, and charge your rival agents rent in order to get ahead. Chance and Community Chest cards have been renamed Allies and Enemies; will you receive a sneaky bonus, or have to pay a penalty? Your 00 licence cant keep you from bankruptcy, so you better employ your wits instead. This special edition of the classic board game is guaranteed to entertain fans of 007 himself, and experienced MONOPOLY players. Just remember, „take risks. If you win, youll be happy. If you lose, youll be wiser.”


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