Wasteland 3 Cult of the Holy Detonation (Digital)



Deep within the Cheyenne Mountain military complex, mutant cults worship an ancient deity they call the Holy Detonation—a nuclear explosion held in stasis. Whether god, science experiment, or accidental miracle, the Detonations energy could power Colorado Springs for hundreds of years, or level it in an instant.It’s One Last MissionThe warring cults have differing opinions on who should be allowed to honor their god, and you’re going to have to muscle your way to the altar. It’s one last mission for the Rangers in Colorado, and the outcome is certain to be explosive—one way or the other.Cult of the Holy DetonationCult of the Holy Detonation expands the Wasteland 3 experience with entry into the Cheyenne Mountain complex, crammed with new characters, enemies, challenging combat encounters, and powerful new weapons and armor. Your squad of Rangers will be tested like never before in objective-based encounters that put a creative spin on the already deeply tactical turn-based combat.As they face overwhelming odds, the Rangers will need to shut down reactors, clear ventilation systems, and engage defensive countermeasures to stem an unending tide of dangerous mutants and machines within the dilapidated military bunker.


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